InThinking Teach Maths

Site Overview

The InThinking Teach Maths website by Bowles, Noble and Wade is a subscription site designed for teachers of middle years students aged 11 to 16. The main aim of the site is to provide ‘Lessons to look forward to’ focussing on the art of creating rich teaching and learning experiences and fostering mathematical thinking skills. We offer a range of ideas and resources, some that take full advantage of technology, some that extend the walls of the classroom and others that are simply good activities!

The site currently comprises 98 free pages. 17 more are available when you subscribe. It contains more than 40,000 words and 80 ready-to-go teaching materials including:

  • Activities
  • Presentations
  • Simulations
  • Teacher Notes

Some of the material on the site, such as the blog, is free. You can get a quick overview by looking at the site map or clicking the headings on the top menu. To access the content in its entirety you will need to subscribe.