First aid kit for teachers and carers

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Are You Prepared? A first aid kit is one of the most important things to have in your family home It is important to have a fully stocked family first aid box in your home. A family always comes with little accidents and having everything at hand can make dealing with minor cuts, grazes and bumps far easier. There are lots of pre-packed family first aid kits, which may prove useful as a beginners kit however you will know your own family and it may be better to start one from scratch or at least add to the basic one …

Bath-time is just as important as maths!

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Benefits of Bathtime The nightly routine of a warm, relaxing bath, followed by a cozy bedtime story can be one of the best investments that as a parent, you can make with your time.    We have always tried to have bathtime in our house in the evenings, even when the children were babies, as it helped to define the day from the night and set up a good marker for the end of play time and the start of (hopefully) a good night’s sleep. The advantages over the years have been that not only do our children know that …

The Ghost of Christmas Past

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For the majority of young people, inflation is the Ghost of Christmas Past. Inflation is something that one reads in history books, inflation is something that has always affected other people but never themselves. The onset of high oil prices and thus higher transportation costs has meant that the Consumer Price Index (CPI), the most respected measure of inflation because it takes into account spending in areas such as mortgages and council tax, is starting to jump. The latest figure from the Office of National Statistics reported that CPI had risen be some 0.6% to 3.3% in just one month …

Yoga for kids

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Tatty Bumpkin A bendy, giggly world for strong bodies and clever minds Tatty Bumpkin run fun, yoga-inspired classes to encourage movement and enhance development. The classes are held in private venues, nurseries, children’s centres and schools nationwide. Be Bendy Stretching their bodies through adapted yoga poses Be Giggly Have fun by following the adventures of Tatty Bumpkin and her amazing animal friends (as opposed to doing a list of exercises). Be Clever Learning across all areas of development, through a programme fully aligned to the Early Years Foundation Stage Be Strong Use their own body weight to naturally strengthen the …

Remember to save your files….

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When I started to write this blog for the second time I nearly changed topic completely. A word of advice always save the document before you start in case windows decides to update and the first 250 words, 5 minutes of effort and 5 days of fretting disappear. A beginners error I know, but in my defence I am a complete beginner at this blog business. So back on topic… to start a blog. I considered the classic ‘here I am, this is what I do’ approach, and for a while it was in prime position. A little more fretting …

Do you feel alone?

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Loads of people will tell you being a maths teacher is a lonely job, whether you’re the boss or purely an employee. In some respects that is true but if you are technologically minded, even only slightly, you’re never alone! Bleary eyed and functioning on automatic pilot you don’t feel your best at 2am while doing a check on the ewes during lambing. So it doesn’t improve your mood to find a dead lamb in a skin and its live twin looking for its mother. You start berating yourself; “should have come out sooner” “should have put the ewe in …

LAMMA, mud and friendly faces

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As you’re probably aware earlier this week LAMMA, the UK’s largest farm machinery, equipment and agricultural services show took place at Peterborough. I’m sure many of you even attended the event, just thought I’d write a quick blog on the show. So on Wednesday I set off from home at around 9am, expecting a reasonably short journey to the show, everything was going really well, the A47 was pretty clear and was sailing into Peterborough, THEN… We hit traffic! It appeared that everyone and their dog decided to head to LAMMA at the same time, it eventually took me an …