A recap of all episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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Buffy Anne Summers arrives in Sunnydale and enrolls at Sunnydale High where she meets her new watcher, Rupert Giles (also the school librarian) and makes her first friends, Willow Rosenberg, Xander Harris, and meets Cordelia Chase and the mysterious Angel a vampire with a soul. Also in town is The Master, the oldest vampire known and he is stuck in Sunnydale, well underneath Sunnydale after an earthquake rocked the town many hundreds of years ago. A mystical barrier has kept him there. With him are is his best vampire, Darla who is also the vampire that sired Angel in Ireland hundreds of years ago. Buffy falls for the vampire, Angel, before she knows he’s a vampire. Darla is out to change Angel to his former vampiric self, Angelus, but Angel puts a stop to that by killing Darla. The Master sought out to destroy the slayer, but first he had to find The Anointed One, who would lure the slayer to him, and then he would kill her. Angel and Giles find out of a prophecy that tells that Buffy will face The Master, and Buffy will die.

Denial of the gift

At first Buffy tries to ignore her calling as the slayer, but she then is up to the challenge after some fellow Sunnydale High students are brutally murdered. The Anointed One takes Buffy down to the church where The Master resides. Buffy tries to kill him, but she fails and The Master drinks from Buffy and is able to get out of the church where he has been trapped in. Meanwhile above ground the Hellmouth Demon has been unleashed and is causing havoc in the library, where the hellmouth is located. Angel and Xander find Buffy laying in a pool of water, Xander revives, her using CPR, and she heads off to defeat The Master.

On the roof of the school the two fight off, Buffy gains the upper hand and The Master plummets into the library and lands with a wooden piece through his heart and his body turns into a pile of bones and the hellmouth demon retreats back underground.

Season 2

Buffy arrives back in Sunnydale after spending the summer with her father, Hank in Los Angeles. At first she’s distant with everyone, still not over the fact that she did die, but she’s alive again. Also arriving in Sunnydale are two new vampires Spike and Drusilla. After trying to fit in with the vampires that were there and submitting to The Anointed One Spike too charge and killed the Anointed One so that him and Drusilla could run the show. Spike and Drusilla were in town to regenerate Drusilla to her full vampire power by finding her sire, Angel. The ritual which does this however also drains Angel and would kill him. At school Buffy’s getting back on track. Willow’s making a new friend, Oz, he plays in a band who play regularly at the local club – The Bronze, called Dingoes ate My Baby. Buffy gets a surprise in store for her, after the Order of Teraka (deadly assassins) are called to kill the slayer, Buffy meets another slayer, Kendra who was called after Buffy died for a couple of minutes when The Master killed her. Drusilla gets restored to her former self by the way of a ritual which almost kills Angel, but Kendra and Buffy save him. In the process of Drusilla being restored Spike is left in a wheelchair unable to walk. Buffy and Angel get closer and closer, and they fall deeply and madly in love.

Spike and Drusilla plan to eliminate all human kind, they call on The Judge, but his parts are scattered all over the world and they are all gradually being brought to Sunnydale to assemble him. Buffy and the gang get their hands on one part at Buffy’s 17th birthday party. Angel volunteers to take it to the furthest place possible against Buffy’s wishes, but they’re ambushed, the part is taken and The Judge is assembled. They flee and both stay in Angel’s flat, and one thing leads to another and that night they make love, in the process Angel’s soul is lost through one moment of happiness and Angel becomes Angelus once again and joins forces with Spike and Drusilla. The IT teacher at Sunnydale High, Jenny Calendar, is revealed to by a gypsy from the same clan that cursed Angelus many hundred of years ago. She and Giles fall in love. When Angelus returns Jenny tries to perform the curse again but she’s stopped by Angelus who find out, and kills her. Spike grows ever more annoyed with Angelus’ presence, as they have to move to a new location, Crawford Street Mansion. Buffy then vows to kill Angelus.

Willow and Buffy, while studying, find the translated curse to re-soul Angelus. Willow gives it a shot but it doesn’t work. Kendra arrives back in town with a warning from her watcher, a very dark power is about to rise in Sunnydale. Angelus is attempting to bring forth the demon Acathla who will swallow the world into hell. Angelus fails to bring Acathla to life and so calls the help of an old friend, he kidnaps Giles with Drusilla’s help. Drusilla and “the boys” storm the library almost killing Willow, breaking Xander’s arm and killing Kendra. Buffy is framed for Kendra’s murder and is expelled from school by Snyder. Willow ends up in hospital in a coma, when she wakes from it she wants to try the curse again. Buffy bumps into a demon at Giles’ apartment, Whistler, who tells her how to kill the demon, Angel’s blood is needed. Buffy heads to the mansion and meets Xander there, Xander fails to tell Buffy that Willow’s trying the curse again. Xander gets Giles out and Buffy and Angel fight it out. Willow’s curse works but it’s too late and Buffy has to kill Angel, and so saving the world. Through this, Joyce has learnt of Buffy’s calling and hasn’t taken it well, and after having to kill Angel and being expelled Buffy leaves Sunnydale.

Season 3

Buffy’s living in Los Angeles as Anne and working in a diner. The rest of the gang are in Sunnydale trying to keep the streets safe from vampires but not doing as well as Buffy used to do. In LA Buffy bumps into someone she saved in Sunnydale, Lily, she used to be in a cult that worshipped vampires. There Buffy has to return to being the slayer that she was and save herself and the day. She decides to return home leaving Lily with her flat, job and name. Things are a little rocky when Buffy returns but soon things get back to normal, and also a new slayer is called to Sunnydale, Faith. She is watcherless because hers was killed by a vampire called Kakistos and so falls under Giles’ supervision. The Mayor, Richard Wilkins III, seems to be up to something in town calling for a vampire, Mr. Trick, as an employee. Angel returns back to Earth, a surprise to all. At first Buffy keeps it a secret but Xander soon sees Buffy and Angel together. Buffy says they’re just friends and plan to stay that way, but they can’t hide their love for each other and so fold to those feelings.

Buffy’s 18th birthday arrives and she’s given a test to do by The Watchers’ Council but things go terribly wrong and Giles finds the need to intervene which costs him his job as Buffy’s watcher. A new watcher is called to watch both Buffy and Faith, Wesley Wyndam Pryce, but neither Buffy nor Faith are willing to follow any of his orders. One night out slaying Faith accidentally kills one of the Mayor’s assistants, Alan Finch. Faith dumps the body and wants to keep it a secret but Buffy can’t and so goes to Giles to tell her, but Faith got their first and laid the blame on Buffy. The gang get together to see if anything can be done, they decide Angel should try and help her. Wesley doesn’t know any of this until he over hears it from a conversation between Buffy and Giles and informs the council against Giles’ wish or knowledge. The council take Faith from Angel and plan on taking her to England but she escapes. Buffy finds her and coaxes her into staying, which she does after a fight which leaves Mr. Trick dead. Faith goes to The Mayor for his old job.

Faith’s disloyalty was soon found out and so are The Mayor’s plans to become a demon on graduation day. Angel and Buffy talk, after Joyce has a talk with Angel, and they he thinks that he can’t be with Buffy anymore, as it’s unfair to her. After The Mayor’s ascension Angel’s leaving Sunnydale. Buffy’s mortified but she knows that he is in fact right. The day of graduation looms, Angel gets poisoned by an arrow from Faith and the only cure is the blood of a slayer. Wesley tries to get a cure from the council but they refuse, and so Buffy quits the council and Wesley has to go home after the ascension of The Mayor. Buffy tries to bring Faith’s blood to him but she kills Faith. Buffy offers herself and Angel drinks and Buffy winds up in hospital, but the plans for graduation day are still on. Faith’s also in hospital, in a coma. On the day the whole student body are with weapons and fully prepped on what’s going on. They declare war on The Mayor after he has ascended into his new demon self. They kill the mayor with a little fire power in the form of explosives, and in the process destroy the school as well. Angel leaves town to an unknown destination and it’s onto college.

Season 4

At first Buffy finds college life a bit daunting but soon gets into the swing of it. She lives on campus and Willow’s her room mate. Xander’s living in his parent’s basement, Oz lives in a house off campus with the rest of the band and Giles is enjoying the life of a gentleman of leisure. Spike arrives back in Sunnydale for Buffy again only to be taken in by some commando guys somewhere in Sunnydale. Oz finds a new werewolf in town, Veruca. Their animal instinct bring them together in the most painful way for Willow. Veruca plans to kill Willow but Oz saves her but then almost kills her at the same time. Oz makes a decision to leave Sunnydale and look for something to help him leaving a heartbroken Willow. Buffy gets over losing Angel, and finds some feelings for a TA called Riley Finn. Spike escapes from his holding underground at the facility only to realise that he can’t bite, feed or cause any violence whatsoever, they’ve put a chip in his head. Buffy thinks she’s fallen for a normal guy but Riley’s not all he seems. He works for a secret government agency called The Initiative who work to contain demons, vampires and other meanies and to research them and destroy them. The head officer who Riley reports to is Maggie Walsh who also lectures Buffy, Willow and Oz. Willow expands her knowledge of the craft where she meets fellow witch, Tara, they get closer and Willow falls in love with her.

One night Buffy finds out about Riley and vice versa, and Buffy’s introduced to The Initiative, there’s one thing that intrigues Buffy about it, room 314. In this room Maggie is producing a secret “weapon”. A part robot, part demon and part human hybrid, but yet again as her project, Adam, comes to life it kills Maggie. Everyone except Riley suspect Buffy, because she’s the new person, but things soon simmer down. Adam is seen by all the soldiers at The Initiative and that’s their first objective, to bring him down.

Buffy the the rest of the gang figure out the real objective of The Initiative, it was to make these hybrid monsters, using parts from demons that were captured. More things happen when Faith awakens from her coma and with some help from the late Mayor she switches bodies with Buffy and causes a little mayhem and then decides to leave, but her conscious comes into play when a group of vampires are held up in a church scaring the people to death, after a pep talk from Adam.

After Buffy in Faith’s body has escaped from The Watchers’ Elite team they both end up at the church where everything is restored. Spike teams up with Adam. Adam makes a deal with Spike, his chip will come out when he helps Adam. Spike manages to pull the Scoobies apart at the seams and they each go their own separate ways. But they figure out why the argued, and it was all down to Spike. Meanwhile Riley is “summoned” by Adam, Riley also has a chip in him, near his heart, which the professor implanted before she died, and Adam activated it. Riley’s part of Adam’s plans now to create a super army of robot/demon/human hybrids.

The Scoobies band together to take down the Initiative, a spell is performed which summons the true essence of the slayer and Adam is defeated, and The Initiative is no more.

Season 5

Buffy’s getting back into college and the slaying, but she’s got a little extra person in the family, she’s got a younger sister called Dawn. She’s 13 years old and appears to have always been in the family. For some reason or another over the past few days Dawn has been getting on Buffy’s nerves more than ever before. Joyce, Buffy’s mum, suddenly takes a turn for the worst and ends up in hospital after a few head aches and when she passes out for a little while. At hospital Riley’s heartbeat is noticed by a curious Dawn to be far higher than the average, but it doesn’t seem to bother Riley as he seems to be stronger than before.

But this would have killed him if it had not been treated. Riley hated not being quite as strong as Buffy, and he wanted to stay strong, but it would have killed him. Spike’s also still in Sunnydale wanting to get the chip out of his head, but he was fooled by an ex-Initiative doctor and leaves in a huff. That night Spike has a curious dream, a dream where he tells Buffy that he loves her, Spike’s none to pleased about this.

Joyce isn’t getting any better either, Buffy thinks it’s something mystical because while at the hospital this is what a crazy person tells her. She casts a spell which reveals all, and what she finds out is that it isn’t a spell that’s hurting Joyce at all. She finds out that her sister isn’t her sister, she’s something else altogether. She goes back to a a deserted factory where she first encountered a clue as to what Dawn could be, here a monk is getting tortured by a rather powerful and beautiful young lady. Buffy can’t defeat the woman, but grabs the monk and leaves. Just before the monk dies he tells Buffy that Dawn is The Key, something very powerful that has to be looked after, and so the Key was sent to Buffy in the shape of a sister. Buffy only tells Giles, and doesn’t tell Dawn.

While at hospital Joyce finds out from the doctors that there’s a shadow in her head and an operation needs to be done to find out more. She has a brain tumor, which is operated on and removed, much to Buffy’s relief. Riley however has felt that he has been blocked out of much of Buffy’s life and has been getting consoled elsewhere, at a house full of vampires when humans pay for vampires to feed off them so that they feel the rush.

One night Spike tells Buffy about this and sees Riley there and is completely heart broken.

Riley is also asked to come back into the army, to fight demons in South America. Riley said that he will only go if Buffy doesn’t want him. Buffy, appalled at what Riley had done, at first says its alright for him to go. Xander has a good talk with her and Buffy tries to get Riley back, but it’s too late and he’s off in a helicopter never to be seen again. Giles decides that they need to know more about the woman that Buffy has been fighting, Glory (who also wants the Key), and so called the Watchers’ Council. They give Buffy a whole load of tests, but then she realised that Buffy’s the one calling the shots and tells them to back off. Which they do, but first they tell Buffy that Glory is in fact a God. She also meets the Knights of Byzantium who want to see the Key dead so that Glory doesn’t get her hands on the Key and cause hell. Buffy and Giles also tell the rest of the gang about Dawn, they can’t seem to look at Dawn in the same way, and eventually Dawn finds out on her own and doesn’t take it well, but eventually things simmer down.

More information is found out about Glory, she feeds on people sanity to help keep hers. Arriving in Sunnydale also, is a new person called Warren. He was running away from a female robot he made to love him, but then he fell in love with a real girl. The robot, April, tries to kill the other girl and Buffy, Warren runs off. April soon dies, as her batteries run out, Spike goes to Warren asking for a robot with Buffy’s specs. After Buffy arrives back home one day she finds Joyce on the floor not moving, she’s dead.

Died of an aneurysm, the funeral is held and Angel comes to visit. Dawn attempts to bring back Joyce but she ends the spell after a talk with Buffy. In this talk Dawn tells Buffy how she’s distancing herself from everyone, especially her. So Buffy goes on a “quest” with Giles to find her true path. While she’s there Spike’s BuffyBot is ready for action and she gets out, and the gang see Spike and Buffy together.

They first find it strange and very very weird. Buffy on her “quest” meets the First Slayer for a second time, who tells her death is her gift. Buffy arrives back in Sunnydale to find the BuffyBot and to also find out that Glory and her minions have taken Spike to be The Key and are torturing him, when they find out he’s not, to find out who the Key actually is. Spike doesn’t tell Glory, much to Buffy’s surprise, and the BuffyBot is decommissioned. Glory then suspects it’s Tara and feeds off Tara’s brain when Tara says it’s not her, and Tara’s slightly crazy. The day after Glory tracks down who The Key is and the whole gang skid addle out of Sunnydale with Spike’s help. Hot on their tails are the Knights of Byzantium who want the Key. They get held up in an abandoned petrol station. Giles is injured and so Ben is called to come and help while Willow sustains a magical barrier to keep the Knights out. But what they don’t know is that Ben is Glory and Glory is Ben. Ben morphs into Glory and grabs Dawn and goes.

Dawn’s blood is to be shed on one night and open all the gates to all the different worlds so that Glory can go home. The Scoobies band together to help stop this, using Olaf’s hammer among other things. Willow first restores Tara with a spell and Buffy picks a fight with Glory, only it’s not Buffy, but the BuffyBot. Buffy’s climbing up the tower to get to Dawn. Glory’s minions and crazy people fight off Spike, Giles and Anya for a bit and Glory manages to head off Buffy. Willow makes a way for Spike to get up to Dawn as Buffy’s busy with Glory. Using Olaf’s hammer Buffy pummels Glory, and then the final hit is with Xander and a demolition ball. Glory reverts to the human Ben while Buffy goes after Dawn, and in human form Giles kills Ben by suffocating him. Up at the top of the tower Dawn’s blood is being slowly shed by Doc, a demon who previously helped her, Spike tries to get Dawn down but he’s thrown off the tower. Buffy gets up, but the portals open and hell is released into Sunnydale. Buffy realises it’s the blood that opened it and only blood will close it, and the monks made Dawn out of her, the same blood. Buffy jumps into the portal and sacrifices her own life to save the world.

Season 6

Willow, Xander, Anya and Tara decide to bring back Buffy, even though they do seem to be slaying some vampires with the BuffyBot and Spike’s help, not as many as they’d hoped. Giles decides that he’s got no purpose being in Sunnydale and so flies back to England on the night of the resurrection.

But a rumor lets loose to the demon world that Buffy’s in fact dead and Sunnydale is for the taking.

The ritual to bring back Buffy is interrupted by demon bikers and the BuffyBot is destroyed by them. But unknown to the rest of the gang, the ritual worked and Buffy’s alive again. She makes her way through Sunnydale fending off some demons and makes her way to the top of Glory’s tower to jump off again. But Dawn stops her and coaxes her down, when the tower begins to fall apart. Everyone’s glad Buffy’s back, thinking they brought her back from hell, in fact Buffy tells Spike that Buffy was in heaven, she was happy, and now she’s in hell.

When Buffy’s back Giles also comes back to Sunnydale to see her slayer again, both are very happy to see one another. Giles tells Willow that she shouldn’t have brought Buffy back, and Willow doesn’t take it very well. There are three nerdish looking boys who seem to have it in for Buffy, one is Warren and the other is Jonathan and the third is an unknown.

Their plan is to take over Sunnydale. On Halloween night Xander announces his engagement to Anya to the rest of the gang and they thrown an impromptu party for it, where Willow decorates the Summers’ home using magic, much to the displeasure of Tara and Giles. Tara tells Willow that she’s using too much magic, they have an argument over it. But Willow casts another spell to make Tara forget about this.

A demon arrives in Sunnydale which thrown the whole town into song and dance. Giles realises that he has to let Buffy go and Tara finds out about the forgetting spell Willow cast on her and isn’t best pleased. Buffy also lets out to everyone that she was in heaven and not in hell, she tries to kill herself once again, but Spike brings her back from the brink, and they share a final kiss. Willow wants Buffy to forget heaven and tells Tara that she’s going to cast a spell, Tara tells Willow that she found out about Willow’s spell she cast on her and wants Willow to go a month without magic. She can’t do it, because she casts a forgetting spell to make Tara and Buffy forget the spells and heaven. But it backfires and everyone loses their memory.

They finally get it back and Tara breaks up with Willow. Willow realises that she has enough magic in her to bring back Amy from being a rat and so de-rats Amy. Amy’s shocked how long it’s been but soon adjusts and Willow and her have fun using all the magicks. Spike wants to confront Buffy on the kisses that they’ve shared, and he also finds out that the chip has no effect on Buffy. A fight begins, but ends in Spike and Buffy making love in an abandoned house. Willow’s overuse of magic threatens Dawn’s life and so Buffy puts the whole house as a strict no magic zone. Meanwhile the three geeks of Sunnydale have made an invisible ray and accidentally make Buffy invisible, she’s soon brought back to full colour after they find out that she will die if she isn’t.

The trio step up their plans and kill Warren’s ex by accident and try and lay the blame on Buffy, but again their plans are found out leaving a not too happy Buffy. Buffy tells Tara of what her and Spike have been doing and asks why he can hit her without any pain. It’s because Buffy was brought back from the dead and she’s on a different wavelength to what the chip in his head can detect. Buffy gets a job working at a local fast food place, Doublemeat Palace and Riley pays a visit, wanting help to track down a demon.

He’s married to a perfect girl called Sam, and once the demon is slain Riley and Sam are off again. Meanwhile Xander and Anya’s wedding day has arrived, but things don’t go to plan. A person who Anya wreaked vengeance on got back on her my sending Xander fake visions of the future, he fears turning into his father and so calls off the wedding, leaving a distraught Anya who goes back to D’Hoffryn for her old job back as a vengeance demon.

The trio plant another trap for Buffy, where a demon infects her and makes her believe that she’s in LA in a mental institute and to be normal she has to get rid of all her other friends in her head. She almost kills Willow, Xander and Dawn but Tara manages to help save Willow and everyone else as Buffy’s given the antidote to bring her back to normal. Buffy and Xander find a camera which the trio have been using to keep an eye on Buffy, Willow and Tara get back together after Willow doesn’t use magic for anything for a very long time. Tara tells Willow about Buffy and Spike, Willow doesn’t know how to take it at first. The trio, with a reluctant Jonathan, have got hold of some magic balls with make the owner stronger. Buffy and Warren have a showdown where Jonathan tells Buffy what to do and Warren’s beaten until he switches his jet pack on and scoots out of there. Andrew tries to as well, but fails to get anywhere and him and Jonathan end up in jail.

Warren went to get revenge on Buffy so went to her house and shot her with a gun, but a stray bullet also killed Tara, and left Willow seeking revenge. First Buffy’s taken to hospital where Willow soon arrives after she’s socked up all the black magic from The Magic Box and saves Buffy’s life and then goes after Warren. But all they find is a robot of Warren and Willow goes it alone. Anya tells Xander and Buffy that she’s know a demon again, but still goes along to help Willow. Willow finds Warren and kills him and then goes after Jonathan and Andrew. Buffy manages to get them out of jail and Willow’s magic source gets slightly tapped out.

She goes to Rack and takes all his magic and kills him in the process. She gets back to The Magic Box to find Jonathan and Andrew there, with Anya chanting a spell to keep them protected. Dawn, Xander, Jonathan and Andrew run out of there so Buffy and Anya can get Willow back to normal but it doesn’t work Then Willow’s thrown across the floor by someone at the door, it’s Giles. Giles was called by a coven in England, who knew of Tara’s death and Giles knew it was Willow. Willow “feeds” off Giles’ power, which he borrowed, and Willow is given the true essence of magic and feels the hurt of everyone around her and so seeks to end it all, by ending the world. Jonathan and Andrew escape Buffy and end up going to Mexico. Willow’s already started the ritual to end the world, Xander arrives and tells Willow that he will always love her. It seemed to be getting through and Willow ends up on the floor crying her eyes out and the world is saved.

Season 7

All over the world young girls are being killed off by mysterious people in black hooded clothing. Willow’s recovering from her magic addiction and problem by staying in England and learning how to control it with Giles’ help. Soon she discovers something, with her heightened power, the hellmouth it’s going to open. In Sunnydale Dawn’s starting the new Sunnydale High. While snooping around the new high school Buffy bumps into the new principal, Robin M. Wood who eventually offers her a job as a student counselor at the high school, Buffy jumps at the chance. After some warning from Buffy Dawn has first hand experiences of the more hellish ways of Sunnydale High. Buffy also finds Spike, living in the basement of Sunnydale High a bit out of his mind. After some weird encounters with Spike, Buffy eventually finds out that Spike has got his soul back and this is what’s made him act a little crazy. Willow soon arrives back from England, only due to her in trepidation of returning back a spell of her’s misfires and she’s put in serious danger. Meanwhile Anya’s trying desperately to rekindle her old vengeance demon ways but she’s finding it harder than ever to inflict proper pain on anyone without feeling awful herself. This leads to her having to make a decision, being a vengeance demon or not. But in the process of her powers being taken away Halfrek is killed as a repercussion of the situation.

Buffy feels that Spike shouldn’t be living in the basement, because it doesn’t seem to be doing him any good and there’s something else down there. He then lives with Xander, sharing his apartment. But Spike doesn’t seem to be as good as he’s meant to be with a soul as he’s still drinking and siring people. It appears something else is controlling him and so Buffy takes him home so that they can find out more about it from him. Meanwhile Andrew has returned from Mexico and is himself doing a few things to help some greater evil. This greater evil is in fact The First, the same evil that was plaguing Angel before. The Bringers kidnap Spike and use his blood to unleash a Turok-Han, an uber vampire, to kill the slayer. Giles returns to Sunnydale with some girls who are potential slayers. He scouring the world for them. The First wants to knock out the line of slayers, and the final one will be Buffy. The Turok-Han is also set after Buffy. After a first few initial battles whereby Buffy’s beaten to a pulp she gains her focus and kills it, in full view of the potentials to show them that there’s nothing to fear.

Andrew settles into the Buffy household where he is now a captive. On the search for new potentials, Dawn is mistaken for one and puts her life on the line thinking she is one but she isn’t. Robin & Buffy go out on their first date, and it appears Robin isn’t all he seemed to be, but is in fact the son of a previous slayer – Nikki Wood, whom Spike killed and Robin’s up for some vengeance when The First tells him who killed his mother. Robin brings with him some old things of his mother’s. Buffy uses them to find a way back to the origins of the first slayer. She needs more power, but when offered it she declines. Robin manages to find a perfect opportunity to kill Spike, with Giles’ help. However things don’t go as planned and Buffy is in time to see it all stopped with Spike now not under control of The First and Robin very bruised. A rift is caused between Buffy and Giles after this event. Faith’s soon back into the mix when she returns from LA with Willow. The potentials immediately take a shine to her. Another new arrival in Sunnydale is a preacher called Caleb who is working on behalf of the First. Buffy hatches a plan to take him on, with the potentials. But the plan goes sour, many potentials are killed and Xander’s eye is poked out, literally. The potentials and the rest of the gang turn on Buffy and want Faith to lead them. Buffy heads off.

Things aren’t as rosy with Faith as their leader when the potentials fall into a trick, a bomb planted by Caleb/Bringers. Buffy on the other hand, after a pep talk from Spike, has managed to make her way to what Caleb was looking for. A scythe made especially for slayers, for her to fight the final fight. Buffy rejoins the rest of the gang and they get a plan for the final battle, after she gets more information on it from an old friend – Angel. An amulet needs to be warn by a champion, he volunteers but Buffy doesn’t want him there. Angel leaves and it’s Spike’s duty to be that champion. The potentials, Spike and the slayers head into the hellmouth with the rest of the gang (including Andrew) guarding the rest of the school. With the essence of the scythe, Willow imbues the power of it to all potentials creating thousands of slayers worldwide. As the battle rages on Anya falls in battle, as does Spike. Sunnydale is sucked into the hellmouth and everything is destroyed with the survivors just about getting away in time.



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