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Tatty Bumpkin

A bendy, giggly world for strong bodies and clever minds

Tatty Bumpkin run fun, yoga-inspired classes to encourage movement and enhance development. The classes are held in private venues, nurseries, children’s centres and schools nationwide.

  • Be Bendy Stretching their bodies through adapted yoga poses
  • Be Giggly Have fun by following the adventures of Tatty Bumpkin and her amazing animal friends (as opposed to doing a list of exercises).
  • Be Clever Learning across all areas of development, through a programme fully aligned to the Early Years Foundation Stage
  • Be Strong Use their own body weight to naturally strengthen the core areas of their bodies. Having the opportunity to relax at the end of the class to promote confidence and independence

We see the process of child development and learning much like a branching tree.

The Roots Starting to develop a strong and flexible body which can ‘hold ourselves up’ against gravity for posture and movement. Sensing the world and starting to organise these sensations, which bombarded us from birth, so that we can effectively move and explore.

The Trunk Developing the ability to control our bodies in space, ensuring our bodies are both stable and orientated appropriately in any given situation and for any ‘task’ we may wish to do (Postural Control). The continued organisation by our brains of sensations we receive, both from within our bodies and the environment, enabling us to operate effectively in many different situations (Sensory Integration). Crucially, if children have the opportunity to experience and react to a wide range of environments whilst doing a varied range of activities we will build up a ‘library’ of movements and modifications which we can call upon in any situation (part the process of Motor Learning). These processes and abilities give us that viral confidence in ourselves and our abilities.

The Branches

  • Progression of language and social skills
  • The development of more complex skills such as skipping or handwriting
  • Emerging co-ordination of our bodies as a whole
  • Ability to concentrate and focus, to learn new physical skills or a more abstract concept.

All aspects of the tree are important but often, in this modern world, the roots and trunk do not have time to fully form i.e. children might spend too long doing complex finger skills (using computer keyboards) and not enough time increasing their fundamental body and brain processes. Hence skills are developed on less secure foundations leading to both physical and mental stress in later life.

…but development and learning should be fun, vibrant, exciting network of trails not an endless road uphill!
The Tatty Bumpkin doll, dedicated music and textured props bring the whole class alive and nurture creativity. The story lines, crucially, add meaning for the children, as having a ‘reason why’ often makes learning easier. The children react spontaneously to the various story situations, again a very good way to learn. In addition, whilst engaged in a story, even the shyest child cannot resist adding their bit!
There is no right or wrong way with Tatty Bumpkin in the classes; the children have the opportunity to develop their skills in different areas at their own rate. Children learn best when they feel confident and are having fun.Tatty Bumpkin classes offer children the chance to establish their basic body and mind skills in an enjoyable and creative way. Their enthusiasm for life bubbles over and learning more complex skills is largely a pleasure rather than a fear!

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